Cameron Elementary 2016-2017

The fourth graders at Cameron Elementary School gathered in the Media Center for a very special event celebrating their graduation from the Pet Responsibility Program.  Along with the Principal, Mr Breyer, and several guests, they enjoyed a lively presentation by Diane Ingold of the Pet Responsibility Committee.  Diane volunteers at the Aloha! Zoo in Cameron which is a sanctuary and rescue for exotic pets.  She shared a lot of photos and information with them and discussed the plight of exotic pets who are abandoned when people can no longer care for them.  If people were responsible, the sanctuary would not exist.

Ava Maria and Emily were announced as the winners of the Speuter Story Contest with Melody and Sam as runners-up.  One cat and three dogs will be spayed or neutered as a result of their efforts, preventing the birth of unwanted litters.  They all received framed certificates from the Pet Responsibility mascot, Speuter.