Aberdeen Elementary 2017-2018

On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, the fourth graders at Aberdeen Elementary were congratulated for “graduating” as young pet advocates by the volunteers of Moore County’s Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC).  An assembly of the fourth graders concluded  a six day program as the school year was ending.  Diane Ingold, from the Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron, talked about the rescued exotic animals at the zoo, why they ended up there and what’s done to care for these special creatures.  During the program, students were given the opportunity to design a “clinic” bag, to be used at the Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills on Highway 1, in Vass, to dispense medications to pet owners.  Art awards were given to students Hope and Dakotah for the most creative bags (see below), illustrated with a meaningful message.  The PRC mascot, Speuter, read an inspirational poem about the difference we all can make and then awarded Corey, Hannah, Abigail, Brigitte, Miya, Keyonna, Ella and Alexia framed certificates for writing the most deserving story about controlling animal over-population in Moore County.  As a result, dogs Ammo and Little will be fixed; 2 new pets will be spayed or neutered this summer; and four certificate donations were made back to the PRC program.  The free spays and neuters were generously donated by The Moore County Kennel Club as part of their mission to promote responsible pet ownership and their support of the PRC. The PRC volunteers counted Aberdeen Elementary as one of their most successful school presentations in 2018!!

The photos below also include photos of the therapy dog teams that joined the students during the program – including Harry, Bella, Bizzy and Hogan!