April 29, 2017, was another great year at Springfest in Southern Pines for the PRC.  Jackie Meyer coordinated our wonderful team of volunteers in signing up new volunteers for the coming years.  The presence of our booth also helped publicize our work in the schools and gave students visiting Springfest the chance to introduce us to their parents…… there was a lot of that activity this year!  Sincere thanks to Diana Adair, Carol Beard, Cyndee Davis (with Bala and Katana), Linda Emerson, Deb Fitzgerald, Sherri Grantham, Nancy Mack, Martez Norris, Bev Powell (with Hogan), Judy Pund, Mary Ann Root, Barb Ross, Mary Smith, Carol Wilkinson (with Blue) and Angela Zumwalt.

On December 3rd, 2016, two and four-legged members of the PRC took part in our first ever appearance in the Southern Pines Christmas Parade.  Spectators lined the route and we heard children shouting out acknowledging the PRC and looking for the therapy dogs that visited them in their classrooms.  It was a great way to get our name “out there” and spread the message!

April 30, 2016, saw the PRC booth at Springfest in Southern Pines.  Jackie Meyer lead the team of PRC’ers in a successful presence that lead to many volunteers signing up to participate in presenting the program in the schools. Sincere thanks to Vicky Scofield, Christie Hartlove and Bonnie, Tammy Foster, Elaine Wilderson, Philippa Davidson, Stacey Caldwell and her daughter, Liz Surface, Kat Bivens and Barney, Barb Ross, Bob Andrade and Angela Zumwalt.

September 17 and 18th, 2016, saw a team of volunteers manning the booth at the Moore County Kennel Club Show in Pinehurst.  Ursula Walsh, a member of the PRC core team and our MCKC representative, always ensures we have a great spot under one of the main tents at the event.  The PRC values its relationship with the MCKC which underwrites the funding for the PRC’s Speuter Story Contest in the schools.

The show is always a popular event with our volunteers, with many of them stopping by at the booth to greet fellow committee members.

Jackie Meyer did a wonderful job coordinating us all.  Our representatives included Christie Hartlove with Bonnie, Ruth Holm with Gracie, Carol Wilkinson with Blue, Vicky Scofield with Leyna, Nancy Mack, Elizabeth Hammerman, Diane Ingold, Bev Powell, Judy Pund, Tammy Foster, Susan McLaughlin, Philippa Davidson, Linda McKarney, Barb Ross and Angela Zumwalt.  That’s a lot of coordinating!

Our sincere thanks to the MCKC and all our volunteers who made our presence possible.