Robbins Pet Care Team

Robbins Pet Care Day, November 6, 2020 

The PRC collaborated with Animal Services on a Pet Care Day north of Robbins at Tina’s Country Store.  Animal Services administered over 80 rabies shots and the Robbins Pet Care Team (Kristen Seawell and PRC volunteers) provided pet food and information on subsidized spay and neuter services.

The north of the county is underserved as far as veterinary services are concerned.  There is no vet office north of Carthage.  Robbins area residents see Kristen’s flyers and call her – not only about spay and neuter services but also about other situations.  Kristen is classifying these situations as “projects” and works her way through each project, pulling in a network of resources to help.

Photos from The Robbins Pet Care Day:

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