Clinic Bag Artwork

As part of the Pet Responsibility program, we like to incorporate work with the Art Teacher(s) on a Mini-Poster Project that focuses on pet responsibility messages.

The students create their mini posters on white bags used by the Spay/Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills to send home medications with pet owners after their pets have been spayed or neutered. We collect the decorated bags during Lesson 4. During Lesson 5, we ask 2 or 3 students in each classroom to present their art work and to explain their message(s). Some schools have tutored their students on presentation techniques for this project.

The students work on various messages on their bags: basic needs (food, water, shelter), vet care (shots, heartworm treatments, checkups, dental work), activities (walking, playing, training, Frisbee), love and attention (spending time with them, reading to them, grooming), safety (kennel, fence, leash, training, no hot cars, keep cats indoors). The bags feature both dogs and cats and sometimes other pets. The clients at the clinic appreciate these bags when they pick up their pet.

View just a few of the many decorated Clinic bags below, which talented students prepare each year in the PRC program.