PRC Home Learning Plan

Dear Teachers and Parents:

Hello and thank you for being such willing partners with us, The Moore County Citizens’ Pet Responsibility Committee – PRC, to bring this valuable content to your students/children, as we overcome the COVID-19 global challenge.

When the schools closed their physical doors because of the virus, the fourth graders in the various schools in Moore County had completed different parts of the PRC content.  Therefore, we would like to provide you with:

  • All 6 lessons
  • Handouts that go with the lessons
  • All the videos that go with the lessons
  • A bonus video about TNR – Trap Neuter Return, to serve as the lesson 6 assembly guest speaker, should we not be able to return to the schools this classroom year
  • A bonus slideshow featuring our wonderful therapy dogs that many students know from their schools;  find out more about them and how they are spending their downtime! 
  • Special video “visits” with Miss Christie and therapy dog, Bonnie, to listen to Miss Christie reading wonderful books with great stories involving pets

This way, your students can review what they have covered so far, and share and learn with their family members, in a self-serve manner.

The first document below is the Home Learning Plan Lessons 1-6.  It is only two pages.  Print it out and follow each step.  The slides for each lesson take you through all the activities.  The handouts for all the activities are included below also.

Before you begin, a message of love from our therapy dogs!

PRC therapy dog greeting! pdf version

APRIL 30TH NEWSFLASH!  Exciting news!!  Miss Christie and her therapy dog, Bonnie, are producing short video versions of the lessons for you to watch!  The first one if for Lesson 4 as they were about to teach Lesson 4 to the Westmoore fourth graders when the schools closed.  Take a look under Lesson 4 below!  

Home Learning Plan outline for all six lessons 

Home Learning Plan Lessons 1-6  (click on this to access document to print out)  

Lesson 1

The following slideshow is the one used with the students in the classroom to guide them through the discussions and activities.  Some students may have the folders at home, some may not.  If they do, they may also have the handouts.  If not, the handouts for the activities can be printed out.  

Lesson 1 slideshow pdf version

The link in the slideshow to the Best Friends video is inactive, so use the following link:

iv  Best Friends video

viii Ticket out the door

ix  Crossword Puzzle

Answers to Crossword Puzzle are in Lesson 2 slideshow  

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 slideshow pdf version

v and vi  Trifold of 3 Important Places 

Click on Kids’ Locker and then Speuter Contest to see an example of a story and then write one using the following:

vii  Speuter Story sheet

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 slideshow pdf version

ii  Care Sheet_Cat_or_Kitten

ii Care Sheet_Dog_or_Puppy

The links in the Lesson 3 slideshow to the videos are inactive, so use the following links to see these fun videos:

iii 1.  Dog Listener 

iii 2. Dog Body Language

iii 3. Dog Stars (Bite Prevention)

iv  3-2-1 Summarizer

Lesson 4

Miss Christie and Bonnie video for Lesson 4 

Lesson 4 slideshow pdf version

i  Safety_for_You_and_Your_Pet

iv  Things you’ll need for your new pet worksheet

vi  Match_the_pet_to_its_lifespan

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 slideshow pdf version

The link in the slideshow to the Two Important Places video is inactive, so use the following link:

ii  Two Important Places video

v  Kids CAN be ADVOCATES too!

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 slideshow pdf version

ii  TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) video:  The Story of Boots

Special Visits with our PRC dogs and their owners:


For further information, please use contact information on the Contact Us tab.  Thank you!