To whom it may concern,

This is a letter of recommendation of the Moore County Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC), which teaches fourth-graders responsibility through pet ownership. We thank you for reading this letter, and we hope it will stir your interest to start a similar program in your county.

My name is Dr. Marc Schoenfield, and I’m a veterinarian for going on 36 years. It is my privilege to be one of the participants in this wonderful all-volunteer organization. The founders of PRC chose to work with nine and ten-year-olds, having carefully researched this to be the age when children are old enough to understand but not so old that they’ve already made poor life choices.

Having hired and worked with many young people, often fresh out of high school, I know that many of them could have benefited from a program like this had it been available. Because of this, I write this recommendation in the hope that many of my veterinarian colleagues and other concerned adults will consider volunteering their time and efforts to initiate a Pet Responsibility Committee in their county’s elementary schools. Naturally, we would be available to tell you how we did it in order to help you get started.

The curriculum, which consists of six lessons in pet care and culminates in a “graduating” assembly, is extremely well-organized. As a participant and guest speaker, I’ve found the children to be highly attentive and interested. This is not a surprise to me given that the widespread love of animals and respect for people who work with them has often made my work as a veterinarian easier than perhaps it would have been in another line of work. It’s a built-in advantage in winning over the children’s attentiveness to how important it is to be responsible with animals. This makes it particularly gratifying. On an even greater note, learning this responsibility opens their lives to greater opportunities for success.

Your consideration of initiating a Pet Responsibility Committee in your own counties is appreciated. Please contact us for support at the above address.


Dr. Marc T. Schoenfield