Pinehurst Elementary 2016-2017

The fourth graders at Pinehurst Elementary School gathered in the auditorium for their celebratory Assembly at the end of the Pet Responsibility Program.   Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC) volunteer Barb Ross hosted the event.  It was held at the very end of the school year and it would have been very understandable if the students had been over-excited….. instead, they were attentive and serious about their role as animal adcocates.  They were joined by four very special guests – Sheriff’s Deputy Jonathon McKenzie, the PRC mascot, Speuter, Ms Randy Jane and her therapy miniature horse, Victor!  Deputy McKenzie thanked the students for being advocates and encouraged them to call him if they see an animal in distress.  Ms Randy explained to the students how Victor visits senior citizens in nursing homes, reminding them of the horses they have known and loved in their lives and bringing them comfort.  Victor is a very special horse and behaves like a perfect little gentleman indoors …. even though he does have his moments when he is at home!  Ms Randy described how she cares for Victor and how much time she devotes to him.  He brings a lot of love and pleasure to her and the people she visits.  He brought a lot of pleasure to the fourth graders and their teachers also.  Everyone got a chance  to stroke his velvety coat.  As with all pets, it is important for Victor to know he is loved and to have his play time.   The fourth graders who wrote entries for the Speuter Story Contest proved their love by speaking up for those who have no voice. Addisyn, Andy, Ayla, Clare, Holli, Ione, Norah and Violet were all announced as winners and were awarded framed certificates by the PRC Mascot, Speuter.  Because of their efforts, three cats, Tyler, Buttercup and Lollipop, one dog, Pancho, and four other pets will be spayed or neutered to help prevent over-population.  Winners’ families attended the Assembly and were very impressed by how much the students knew about being responsible pet owners.  Ione also described how she and two friends are going to do some fundraising over the summer for The Animal Center.  Congratulations to all the Pinehurst fourth graders for being part of the team that makes life better for all pets!