Vass-Lakeview Elementary 2019-2020

On November 15th at Vass Lakeview Elementary School, 90 energetic 4th grade students filed into the multi media room to attend the PRC (Pet Responsibility Committee) Assembly. They demonstrated how well they had absorbed the material presented in the 6 session program with a review of the highlights. The clinic bags were mentioned and explained to the parents in attendance and Sara explained how her bag illustrated the sad problem of over population in the county and Carly explained why she used the words “overpupulation ” and “multiplication”.   Speuter, the PRC mascot, was introduced and read with appropriate emotion the Speuter Poem.  She was asked about the many puppies hanging at her side and the students suggested that she needed to be spayed. Fortunately there was a veterinarian in the house to confirm the need to spay and neuter. Dr. Tony Ioppolo talked about his life as a veterinarian and the many rewards his career has given him. He gave the kids many pointers about the proper care of their pets and answered a multitude of questions about being a vet. Over one half of the students said that they would like to be a vet when they grow up. Dr.Tony gave a fact sheet of important do’s and don’t’s to all the students concerning the care of their pets. 
There were 7 Speuter Story Contest winners and a family member of each winner was in the audience. Madison wrote about her dog, Cooper who lives with two girl dogs and needs to be neutered.  Alex wrote about his feline, Kitty Kat. Alyssa wrote about her dog Bear who will be ready to be neutered in a couple of months. Cameron wrote about her dog, Dezi. Aili wrote about her dog Willow. Finley wrote about her dog, Ellie Blue and James wrote about the stray cat that came into his yard trying to make babies with his female cat. After a year of taming him he is ready to be neutered. 
Sherri Grantham led the students in the PRC pledge and Nancy Mack explained the bookmarks and their important information. 
Edris Daughtry had her dog Honey Bee bow her head and say her prayers, after which she raised her paw and waved good bye to all of the 4th graders.


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