Vass-Lakeview Elementary

On Oct. 21st, at 12:15, 75 fourth graders gathered in the gymnasium at Vass-Lakeview Elementary School and eagerly awaited the arrival of Kevin and Lynn Bain from the K9 Foundation and their 3 sleek and energetic labrador/malinois dogs.

Kermit, the blond lab, stepped up to display his exceptional abilities.  Grayson and  Chalynn, two Speuter Story Contest winners, were the first to try to outsmart Kermit by hiding a kong behind some large gym equipment.  Kermit’s keen sense of smell foiled the students’ efforts and he zeroed in on the hidden treasure.

Next, Samson arrived on the scene, exploding with energy and skill,  and Kyleigh, Emily and Julie, also Speuter Story Winners,  tried to befuddle the dog with their hiding expertise. Once again they were  out smarted and Samson pounced on every hidden object.

Lastly, Cinnamon was brought in to complete an obedience demonstration that included a leap over a six foot wall.  The rafters rang out with cheers as the bomb sniffing canines left the building having gained valuable experience being exposed to a noisy crowd.

Next, the winners of the Speuter Story Contest were called down from the bleachers to receive their awards for excellent story writing. Grayson wanted to donate his voucher to his grandmother so that she could get her dog, Gigi, spayed.  He stated that even though it is scary to have your pet undergo surgery, the pros out weigh the cons.  Julie reported that a woman in her neighborhood moved away, leaving her cats behind.  Now their yards are overrun with cats. If the lady had spayed and neutered her cats there wouldn’t be such an overpopulation problem. Emily wrote about unwanted litters of dogs and cats and how they end up in the shelter. Spaying and neutering makes your pet healthier.  Chalynn stressed the importance of spaying and neutering in order to keep your pet healthy, and also, that if you adopt from a shelter, you save a life. Kyleigh stated that spaying and neutering keeps your pet healthier and prevents some cancers. Sherri Grantham lead the classes in the pledge and Cindy Ganson wrapped up the story of Snowball and Barney.

At 1:00pm, the celebratory assembly was brought to a close.  Every student took home a bag of treats that included the all important information laden bookmark.  Principal Michelle promised that the PRC would be invited back next year.  We love Vass-Lakeview Elementary!

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