The O’Neal School 2018-2019

The fourth graders at The O’Neal School gathered to celebrate all they had learned during their Pet Responsibility Program.   They were joined by a very special guest speaker, Suzy Lutz, from the organization, Continuing the Mission, and service dog “in training”, Reid.  Continuing the Mission pairs military veterans in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with specially trained service dogs.  Reid is a young, energetic Labrador Retriever who loves to learn. The students thoroughly enjoyed watching Reid demonstrate his skills. 

Suzy explained to the students that Reid’s potential veteran will need help picking things up due to a neck injury he suffered while jumping out of military helicopters.  The students loved the way Reid easily picked up car keys, a pen, his dog bowl and then dropped them right in Suzy’s hand. Everyone was especially impressed with his ability to pick up a credit card, which as Suzy explained, is difficult for a dog to do.  Suzy stressed to the students the importance of taking care of all our pets.

The assembly also celebrated the wonderful stories submitted for the Speuter Story Contest.  There were some wonderful entries and it was hard to choose the winner.  Those who entered the contest proved their commitment to make a difference by taking time to write on behalf of those who have no voice.  Thomas McFadyen was quite proud and a little shy to be chosen as the PRC Speuter Story Contest winner.  Both his mother and grandmother were there to congratulate him after receiving his certificate and voucher for a free spay.  The family dog is named Millie and she is 7 months old.  In his story, Thomas wrote about how he would like for Millie to have puppies, but after taking the Pet Responsibility class he realizes that it is probably best if they have her spayed to help cut down on overpopulation.  Way to go, Thomas! 

The following Speuter Story Contest participants received certificates in recognition of their effort on behalf of the pets of Moore County:  Alex, Allie, Evalyn, Liam, Mary, Mollie and Trevor.

Thomas and the other participants had photos taken with PRC mascot, Speuter.  Congratulations to all The O’Neal School fourth graders!  We welcome you to the team that makes life better for all pets!