The O’Neal School 2019-2020

The two classrooms of fourth graders at The O’Neal School gathered to celebrate all they had learned during their Pet Responsibility Program.   Christie Hartlove presided over the assembly and was  joined by a very special guest speaker, Jessica McDaniel, a Certified Veterinary Technician with Pinehurst Animal Hospital.

The students enjoyed hearing from Jessica about her everyday life as a veterinary technician.  She also worked with Bonnie Hartlove, a beautiful Golden Retriever therapy dog that had been in one of the classrooms throughout the program, to show the students how she examines a dog when it visits the veterinarian’s office.  Jessica answered many questions from the students and was very impressed with what they had learned during the Pet Responsibility Program.

The assembly also celebrated the wonderful stories submitted for the Speuter Story Contest.  There were some wonderful entries and it was hard to choose the winner.  Those who entered the contest proved their commitment to make a difference by taking time to write on behalf of those who have no voice.  Aurora and Jaxon were announced as the winners of the Contest.  Because of their efforts, Aurora’s Callie, a four month old kitty, will be spayed, and Jaxon donated his free spay or neuter to a pet in need.  Aurora and Jaxon were awarded framed certificates by the PRC (Pet Responsibility Committee) mascot, Speuter (PRC volunteer Jackie Meyer in costume!) and had their photos taken by PRC photographer Ed Pieczynski.

The students and teachers at The O’Neal School are very supportive of the messages taught during the program and are planning on holding a bake sale to raise money for the mission of the PRC!  

Congratulations to all The O’Neal School fourth graders!  We welcome you to the team that makes life better for all pets!

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