Sandhills Farm Life 2017-2018


The fourth graders at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School gathered in the Media Center for a very special event, celebrating their graduation from the Pet Responsibility Program.  The celebration intensified their excitement with the upcoming Christmas break!  Along with special guests from the Sheriff’s Animal Services Department, Deputy McKenzie and Octavious Woods, and several parents, they enjoyed a very informative presentation by local veterinarian, Dr. Stephanie Mickey, from Carthage Animal Hospital.  The students asked some great questions about being a veterinarian and also got to see therapy dog, Bonnie Hartlove, patiently endure a mock examination by Dr. Mickey so they could see and hear what the doctor focuses on when she examines a pet.  

Allie, Ava, Ayla, Chloe, Harlow and Matthew were announced as the winners of the Speuter Story Contest.  Two dogs, Lulu and Zoe, along with four pets from the Robbins area will be spayed or neutered as a result of their efforts as true animal advocates.  They all received framed certificates from the Pet Responsibility mascot, Speuter.

While closing the assembly, PRC volunteer Christie Hartlove said, “In closing, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas AND…..” the kids chimed in with “AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR,” said very loudly!  After giggling and thanking them, Christie said, “what I was going to say was, “don’t forget to be mindful of your pets during the holiday season.  Make sure you are careful with wrapping paper, ribbon and extra yummy treats around your dogs and cats”.  Everyone laughed at how festive the students were!