Carthage Elementary 2017-2018

The fourth graders at Carthage Elementary School are “Pawsome”! They are kind, thoughtful, courteous and very good listeners.  They recently completed a six session program about pet responsibility and about becoming advocates for animals – those who have no voice

They wrote excellent stories about how important it is to be responsible in choosing and caring for their pets. The winners of the Speuter Story Contest received a free spay or neuter for their pet or for a friend or family member’s pet. Congratulations to Taylor, Kasey, Brooke, Lacey and Jenna for writing pawsome stories!

During the program, the students learned about the pet overpopulation problem in Moore County, how to properly care for their pets and choose the right pet for their family. They met therapy dogs Bonnie and Hogan. During the Pet Responsibility Celebration Assembly they learned about becoming a veterinarian from special guest, Dr. Megan Buchanan, DVM.  Dr. Buchanan helps pets in pain through a process called acupuncture.  She demonstrated how she would do it on Bonnie…. who looked a little nervous until she realized she was not going to actually receive acupuncture!

Carthage fourth graders are now ready to share their knowledge about pet responsibility with their friends & family and are officially advocates for animals!