St. John Paul II 2017-2018

The fourth graders at St. John Paul II Catholic School gathered in the multipurpose building for their celebratory Assembly at the end of the Pet Responsibility Program.  They were joined by two very special guests – the PRC mascot, Speuter, and Dr. Meghan Buchanan, a local veterinarian and principal of Moore Pet Mobility.

Dr. Buchanan talked with the students about her background and explained the lengthy process it takes to become a veterinarian.  After taking some questions, Dr. Buchanan performed a “mock” exam on therapy dog, Bonnie.  She was very good at making Bonnie feel comfortable with her medical equipment and the exam in general. Dr. Buchanan took her time with Bonnie, while explaining to the students how important it is for the dog or cat to feel comfortable with the exam.  She also told the students that veterinarians rely on the pets’ owners to describe any symptoms that the animal may be showing to help them better diagnose the condition.  Always being aware of what might be bothering our pets is another way of showing our love for them and all the joy they bring to our lives.

The fourth graders who wrote entries for the Speuter Story Contest proved their love by speaking up for those who have no voice. Meghan was announced as the winner and received a framed certificate from Speuter.  Meghan wrote a phenomenal story that was loosely based on her Bombay cat named Jackie. The PRC teachers agreed that they had read many, many Speuter stories over the years, and this one was one of the very BEST they had ever read! Her story was written from the cat’s point of view.  She explained in great detail the sad life the kitten had while living at the shelter.  Jackie watched with great sadness as her siblings were all adopted, because she did not get to go to her forever home. The kitten was about to be euthanized when, thankfully, he was rescued at the last minute.  In closing, Meghan wrote,  “So I hope you enjoyed my story to raise awareness about pet overpopulation of pets in Moore County, NC, and remember to always get your pet spayed or neutered unless they are going to be in a dog show or if you are a responsible breeder.”

Meghan has seven pets that have all been spayed or neutered.  She and her family are very responsible pet owners!  Meghan donated her winning spay or neuter voucher to a classmate, Andrew.  Andrew and his mother were thrilled to receive this wonderful gift to have their new puppy, Sniper, spayed.  They too, are off to being responsible pet owners!

The Pet Responsibility class is always well received at Saint John Paul.  The students are very warm and caring about animals.  Our lessons focused a lot on the students being animal advocates!  The students shared stories about raising money for animal shelters, helping stray animals and watching out for their own pets in homes with younger siblings.  Thank you to SJPII students for being a voice for Moore County’s pets!