West Pine Elementary 2018-2019

The fourth graders at West Pine Elementary filed into the media center to celebrate all they had learned during their five week Pet Responsibility Program.  They were greeted by the Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC) mascot, Speuter. The fourth grade teachers, Ms. Dorsett,, Ms Little, Ms. Hanlon and Ms. Zheng were thanked for letting their students participate in the Program. After Speuter read her poen, the students were asked what could be done for Speuter and her many babies and about advocating for animals in need. It was decided that Speuter needed to see a veterinarian immediately and fortunately we had one on hand to discuss the veterinarian’s role in the life of a dog and cat, and what was expected to be done by a responsible pet owner to make his pet’s life safe, healthy and happy. Dr. Iopolo demonstrated a physical exam on volunteer Honey Bee. Dr. Iopolo provided each student with a sheet of tips for taking good care of a pet. After a question and answer period, Bee demonstrated her mathematical prowess and obedience training.

The eight Speuter Story Contest winners were announced and called up to the front to receive their awards and have their photos taken with Speuter. The parents of Nathan, Joel, Amelia, Jasmine, Bailee, Eleanor, Grace and Isabella were all present and were impressed by all the students had learned during the program. Of the winners, six of their pets will be spayed and neutered, two certificates were donated to classmates and one remains to be donated to a pet in need.

Christie Hartlove lead the students in the PRC Promise and the Promise Poster was to be signed when the students returned to their classrooms.  They would also receive a bookmark and a sticker each.  The sticker prclaimed them as an “Animal Advocate”.

The program drew to a close and Bee tucked her head between her paws and blessed everyone in the room. There were “awwws” all around.