Robbins Elementary 2016-2017

The fourth graders at Robbins Elementary gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate all they had learned during their Pet Responsibility Program.   They were joined by a very special guest speaker, Kristen Seawell, a veterinary technician from Pinetree Animal Hospital.  Kristen shared with the students her decision and her training to become a veterinary technician.  She also talked with them about her own pets – all rescued from various situations and all now living happily with her in Robbins.  She described her work at the clinic and demonstrated with the help of Hogan, a beautiful cream Standard Poodle (with his owner, Bev Powell), how she examines pets that come to the clinic for a checkup and how the students can perform a simple check on their own pets to make sure they are healthy.  Another special visitor was Animal Services Deputy David Myrick, also from Robbins.  He would be the deputy who would respond if lost, stray or abused pets were reported in the Robbins area.  The students were asked to always advocate for pets in trouble and to contact Animal Services for help.  The fourth graders who wrote entries for the Speuter Story Contest proved their commitment to make a difference by speaking up for those who have no voice.  There were 33 stories submitted, the most of any school in the county!  There were so many great entries that it was hard to choose the best!  Abigail, Alexa, Caden, Haileigh, Hannah, Kendy, Madison, Myrna and Natalie were all winners and were awarded framed certificates by the PRC Mascot, Speuter.  Because of their efforts, McGarrett, Roxy, Fleacia, Puss-n-Boots, Chikis, Sassy, Peanut and two other pets will be spayed or neutered to help prevent pet over-population.  The winners and their family members had photos taken for the website.  They also had a wonderful photo taken with Hogan!  Congratulations to all the Robbins fourth graders!  We welcome you to the team that makes life better for all pets!