Sandhills Farm Life 2016-2017

The fourth graders at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School gathered in the Media Center for a very special event celebrating their graduation from the Pet Responsibility Program.  Along with special guests, they enjoyed a lively presentation by Philippa Davidson of the Pet Responsibility Committee.  The students were enthralled by a video of her on Hawaiian TV with her pot bellied pig, Humphrey.  Philippa has many unusual four-legged family members.  She told the students about her second pot bellied pig, Buttons, who was rescued from a bad situation here on the mainland.  Humphrey made the move with Philippa and her husband from Hawaii to North Carolina – the moral of the story being that pets are for life and plans should always include them and their care.

Ashley, Hailey, Reagan and Zakia were announced as the winners of the Speuter Story Contest.  Four pets will be spayed or neutered as a result of their efforts as true animal advocates.  They all received framed certificates from the Pet Responsibility mascot, Speuter.