Southern Pines Elementary 2016-2017

The fourth graders at Southern Pines Elementary School gathered for Lesson #6, the Assembly, in the auditorium.  Our special guests were Southern Pines Police Department Sgt. Jason Embler and his K9 partner, Ivy.  Ivy is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois, trained in drug detection.  Sgt. Embler held the students’ attention by showing how well-trained Ivy was to follow his footsteps, if he were on a police call.  Officer Andy Conway accompanied Sgt. Embler & Ivy.  A drug detection demonstration was laid out with book bags and a tool box.  Something contained a packet of drugs & Ivy would find it!  Ivy investigated all the props, then zeroed in on the tool box that had the hidden drugs.  Good dog, Ivy!  Sgt. Embler then spoke to the students about keeping their possessions away from questionable persons, so they wouldn’t be involved in hidden drugs.

Speuter contest winners were Eythan, Samantha (whose sister had won a Speuter contest a couple of years ago), Ashlyn, Hollis and Julius.  Other very good stories were submitted by Tanner, Simya and Heather.  3 cats – Murphy, Amber, and Meow will be spayed or neutered.  Also, a dog named Maddie.  Dr. Dale Buie, the Principal, was on hand to congratulate the winners, enjoy the assembly and personally thank the volunteers. 

The assembly wrapped up with a very creative “Dogs” rap by Marquis W.  He was accompanied by our PRC mascot, Speuter, and volunteer Marj Dwyer.        

Congratulations to all the Southern Pines fourth graders for being part of the team that makes life better for all pets!