STARS 2016-2017

The fourth graders from STARS gathered for their celebratory Assembly at the end of the Pet Responsibility Program.   They were joined by a very special guest speaker, Patsy Martin, a dog trainer.  Patsy has trained dogs in many different situations and environments …. Dogs who are beloved pets, dogs who are longing to be a beloved pet but are in a shelter waiting to be adopted, and dogs who work for us in the military or police forces.  Patsy shared with the fourth graders her passion for being a trainer and how she became one.  She stressed how important it is to train with positive reinforcement so that a dog feels loved as it is being trained.  She invited student volunteers to join her up front and try out the training techniques on Tux and Max, two therapy dogs who belong to PRC volunteers, Doris and Bill Russell, who also taught the program at STARS this school year.  The fourth graders who wrote entries for the Speuter Story Contest proved their love by speaking up for those who have no voice.  Jade and Kenzie were awarded framed certificates by the PRC Mascot, Speuter.  Because of their efforts, two dogs, Kobe and Bella, will be spayed or neutered to help prevent over-population.  Congratulations to all the STARS fourth graders for being part of the team that makes life better for all pets!  All of the students recited and signed the Promise Poster that emphasizes their commitment to always care for their pets and to advocate for all animals.