Robbins Elementary 2018-2019

Robbins 4th Graders Are Advocates for Animals!

What do the Robbins Elementary 4th grade students and “Nova”, a black Labrador Retriever Certified Service Dog, have in common? They are all Advocates!

During 5 weeks of classroom lessons taught by The Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC) volunteers, Robbins students learned about being responsible pet owners, the pet over population problem in Moore County, the importance of spaying & neutering, and how to be advocates for animals.

All three 4th grade classes got together on December 12 to celebrate everything they learned about pet responsibility at an assembly.

During the assembly, they met speaker, Suzy Lutz, who founded Continuing the Mission, and Nova. Suzy told the students about how volunteers with Continuing the Mission foster and train dogs like Nova to help veterans. Nova has been in training her whole life to support a veteran who needs help with different things like feeling safe and retrieving objects.

Nova is trained to be an Advocate for a person, like the Robbins students are Advocates for animals!

In addition to Suzy and Nova, Officer Myrick, from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, spoke to the students about being kind to animals and about what they can do if they see an animal that is neglected or abused. In the spirit of the holidays, Officer Myrick asked the students to grant his Christmas wish….to be kind to animals. All the students promised!

Another special guest, the PRC mascot, “Speuter”, told the story of her life as an unwanted cat and how she was adopted by a wonderful family.

Speuter also announced the 10 winners of the Speuter Story Contest. Students were asked to write a story about why they wanted their pet (or a friend/relative’s pet) spayed or neutered.

Congratulations to Jaxson (Mack), Corvis (Bellie), Anellyz (Chloe),Yaori Marie (Marley), Maliyah (Blacky), Jaxton (advocate for Lucy),  Britton (Lukis), Weston (to adopt a cat from Sandhills Cat Coalition), Jonathan (Canelo) and Christopher (Magic).  Because of these 4th grade advocates, their pets will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem in Moore County.

Also recognized for their advocacy were three creators of “Clinic” bag illustrations – Jonathan, LillieAna and Leonel.  They created messages of advocacy on the bags which are used for clients to take home medications at The Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills.  These budding artists were awarded How To Draw art books and colored pencils.

Robbins students are now prepared to be responsible with their own pets, to teach others about pet responsibility and to always advocate for animals.