Robbins Elementary 2017-2018

Robbins Elementary fourth graders are “PAWsome”!                            

Over a period of six weeks, Robbins fourth graders learned all about pet responsibility through the Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC) Education Program.  The students in Ms. Salyer, Galloway and Ray’s classes were attentive listeners and great learners.

The students were asked to write a “Speuter” story about how their pets would benefit from being spayed or neutered. Many, many students submitted stories. All the stories were wonderful, showing how much they learned about pet responsibility. The Pet Responsibility teachers selected a total of 10 students to be winners! Each student received a framed certificate and a voucher for a free spay or neuter for a dog or cat.

Adrianna, Katelyn, Cheyanne, Colby, Jamilyn, Haley and Matthew were all announced as winners and plan to use the voucher for their own pets.

Other winners, who didn’t need the voucher because their pet had already been spayed or neutered or because they do not have a pet, were true ADVOCATES. They will give their voucher to a friend or family member for their pet!  The winners announced in this category were Gavin, Jesus and Samantha.

For the first time ever at Robbins Elementary, six students were recognized for submitting great artwork and excellent messages on their Clinic Bags (to be used by the Spay/Neuter Clinic in Vass).

The winners were: Alexandra, Andrea, Haley Marie, Jennifer, Lana and Rosemary.  They each received a book: Watch Me Draw – Favorite Pets – A Step by Step Drawing & Story Book and a set of 24 colored pencils.

All students received goody bags that included a Pet Responsibility Bookmark,  dog or cat finger puppet, Pet Responsibility/Spay/Neuter pencil, paw print sticker and a Life Saver. Speuter winners also received a special “goody bag” with a stuffed animal.

There were two very special guest speakers at the Assembly:

Sophia Varela, a Veterinary Technician from Yadkin Park Animal Hospital, shared information about her career as a vet tech. She also did an examination of “Bizzy”,  a black Labrador Retriever therapy dog.

Animal Services Deputy David Myrick from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office told the students how proud he was of them and he talked about how fourth graders have helped stop the pet overpopulation problem in Moore County.

All the students and their teachers received “You are PAWSOME” wrist bands because they are awesome!  Robbins’ students were attentive and smart! Robbin’s teachers were so welcoming and supportive of the program.