Sandhills Farm Life 2018-2019


The fourth graders at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School gathered in the Media Center for a very special event, celebrating their graduation from the Pet Responsibility Program.  The celebration intensified their excitement with the upcoming Christmas break! 

Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC) volunteer, Christie Hartlove, and her beautiful therapy dog, Bonnie, hosted the assembly.  First, they introduced Sergeant Chris McNeill from Moore County Animal Services (Moore County Sheriff’s Office).  He talked with the students about his role in protecting the pets and other animals in our county and encouraged them to involve Animal Services in any situation they see as harmful to a pet or any other animal.

The students got to show Sergeant McNeill all they had learned during a review of the “I can” statements that were explored throughout the program.

The students listened to the PRC mascot, Speuter, tell her story of finding her forever home and being spayed in order not to add to the unwanted litters in Moore County. 

The students, the guests and several parents enjoyed a lively presentation by Diane Ingold of the Pet Responsibility Committee.  Diane also volunteers at the Aloha! Zoo in Cameron, a sanctuary and rescue for exotic pets.  She shared a lot of fun photos with them and discussed the plight of exotic pets who are abandoned when people can no longer care for them.  If people were responsible in their decision-making, the sanctuary would not exist.

After the reading of the Promise Poster, all of the students signed it to reinforce their promises to the pets who share our world.

Speaking up for the pets who have no voice were those who entered stories in the Speuter Story Contest.  The runners-up were presented certificates for their efforts.  Bella, Chelsea and Kaitlyn were announced as the winners!  Two dogs and one cat will be spayed or neutered as a result of their advocacy.  They all received framed certificates from Speuter and had their photos taken by the official PRC photographer.

Also recognized for their advocacy were five creators of “Clinic” bag illustrations.  They created messages of advocacy on the bags which are used for clients to take home medications at The Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills.  Their messages are included in the slideshow below.

All those recognized during the event received special bags of treats for their efforts.